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Our Story

In 1912, a man had a vision of a special place for children:
A safe place of acceptance, growth & love. A place where children could enjoy the great outdoors, laugh and have fun, make special friends, and learn of God’s love for them

Today, Camp Wildwood continues to grow! Our goal is to give children, youth, and adults the opportunity of an “Outdoor Adventure” and to develop Christian character.

Why Wildwood?

We are absolutely convinced of the value of the Camp Wildwood experience for you and your family!

Choosing a summer camp is an important decision.

To help make the choice easier for you, below is a short summary of the features and benefits
of Camp Wildwood.

  • Trained staff serve as positive role models.
  • Two leaders in every cabin with no more than twelve campers.
  • Comfortable cabins.
  • Positive environment of encouragement and acceptance.
  • Endless new experiences!
  • Create lasting memories and good friendships.
  • Develop a healthy sense of independence.
  • Experience God through creation and the Bible.
  • We serve food that kids love!